Mentoring Application And On boarding Process

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1. Application Process

A) Fill out a mentor application. Please note: This application is for new mentors. If you are an existing mentor please do not renew/update your application from this link. Existing mentors, please use the invitation link sent via email. If you require a link, please contact Jennifer Kimble (Director of Mentors) at New mentors, Click here to complete an application.

B) Agree to Pass a Background Check. Click here to apply for a background check.

2. Complete Mentor Training.

YMI has a training period for mentors where we walk through the key aspects of the program, what is expected of you and what to anticipate during the mentorship experience. Each mentor is shown that by sharing their life, they can change a life.

Mentors learn how to use the Developmental Assets as a guide to share life experiences to model and teach the valuable assets young people need. Story prompts based on 28 of the Developmental Assets are provided to YMI mentors each week of their mentoring relationship.

We also provide training materials that will help your communication and provide a foundation for a healthy and productive dialogue with the student.

Please CLICK HERE to register for a mentor training session.

3. Site Orientation

Site orientation will take place at the school in which your mentee attends. During the site orientation the following will occur:

1) You will have the opportunity to meet with your YMI Campus Coordinator as well as the school personnel you will be dealing with when visiting your mentee.

2) You will learn the proper check in procedure when visiting your mentee.

3) You will have a meet and greet with your mentee and possibly his or her parents.

4. Weekly One on One Meeting

You will meet with your mentee one on one in his/her school for 30-60 minutes (depending on the grade level). Meeting days and times will be agreed upon between the mentor and the mentee.

5. On Going Mentor Training

On going additional mentoring training will be available to support you in our mentoring journey.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Mentor FAQs

The only prerequisites, really, are life experience and a background check. Here are some questions you may have about becoming a mentor and a simple answer to help you feel empowered and fully capable of impacting a life, simply by sharing yours.

What is the commitment of a YMI Mentor?

Mentor and Mentee matches run for the HSE school year. However, some of our great matches have lasted for several years, some times all the way thru graduation and beyond.

Mentors and mentees meet weekly from 30-60 minutes in the mentee’s school during the school day.

YMI mentors make the commitment to attend training sessions provided by YMI. These YMI training sessions will equip our mentors for his/her mentoring roll(s).

YMI mentors are YMI ambassadors in their community.

I have never worked with kids before. Am I still qualified?

Yes. Any caring adult who desires to see teens succeed and reach their full potential and possess the 5 YMI Mentor Characteristics is qualified to become a YMI mentor.

Would I mentor one on one?

Yes, however some of our school programs are designed for mentors to meet with students in a small group setting.

How are mentors matched with mentees?

Mentors and mentees fill out a Life and Interest Inventory. Similar life experiences, hobbies, and personal character traits are used to match a mentor with a student.

Will I be matched with students of the opposite sex?

Adults who mentor at the Intermediate and Junior High level have the option of mentoring a student of the opposite sex. Mentoring at the High School level is gender specific.