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Mentor Value and Why

The value of being a Mentor and why    YMI can serve students by inviting caring adults from the community to connect with students and be a listening ear, someone who will not judge them, and help them see their full potential as they continue to receive their education.

YMI mentors feel as though they are making a difference in the lives of youth in our community by showing a consistent relationship. A relationship that over time gains trust and encouragement where they may otherwise be none.
The origins of mentoring​ can be traced back to ancient Greek mythology. When Odysseus went to fight in the Trojan War, he put his trusted friend, Mentor, in charge of his son, Telemachus. Ever since, the term ‘mentor’ has generally come to define someone with ​more
​ experience, imparting their wisdom and values on someone with less
​ experience.
● ​Being a mentor bridges the generation gap. ​Generally speaking, most mentor/mentoree relationships happen between someone in an older generation, coaching someone in a younger generation. If you’re mentoring someone younger than you, realize that it can be a productive experience for both sides, as each generation can come to understand the other’s motivations, career goals, and attitudes. Soon, it won’t feel like there’s any gap at all. ● Causes you to become more compassionate and have a better perspective.​  We  spend so much mental energy thinking about ourselves — ​our
​  hopes, ​our
​  fears,  our
​  anxieties,  & ​our
​  goals for the future. Having a mentee — who indeed has his  or her own hopes and fears and plans — forces us to occasionally stop thinking  about ourselves and think about others more than ourselves, on a consistent
basis. By focusing our energies on helping someone else, we provide a valuable  service both to our ​mentee and to ourselves.   ●  ​You are helping build a better, more stable society.​ One-to-one mentoring  actually helps create happier, more stable adults, which helps society at large.  For instance,  studies show:
55% of kids mentored are more likely to enroll in college
78% are more  likely to volunteer regularly
90% are interested in becoming a mentor
130% are more likely to hold leadership positions  More reasons to become a mentor #8 Because it brings out the kid in you.
#7 Because you wouldn’t be where you are today it if wasn’t for mentors in your own life.
#6 Because every kid deserves a chance.
#5 Because it is a great way to meet new people while doing something that matters.
#4 Because it has a huge ripple effect.
#3 Because investing in our youth is an investment in the future of our community.
#2 Because it is priceless to know you have made a difference in the life of a child.
#1 Because there are over 600 students in the Hamilton Southeastern School System who could use a Mentor!

Why You Should Become a Mentor

In Conclusion
Ultimately, the success of your mentee is up to them; as a mentor you can only provide so much guidance, but the effect you can have on that person’s life is priceless. We have something to learn from everyone, and we also have something to teach everyone.
Treat your position with respect, and there’s no doubting that both the mentor and the mentee will benefit from the relationship for years to come.

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