YMI mentoring is for everyone. From 5th grade to 12th grade, any student benefits from having a mentor.

Watch the video and hear what your peers are saying about their mentor.


The Steps to Be Mentored:

1) Check out our web site for more information regarding mentoring.

Contact us at info@ymionline.org with comments and questions.

2) Application Process

a) Fill out a YMI Student Mentee Application Click here  to complete an application.

b) Complete Lion’s Lead Behavior Assessment Click here to complete assessment.

c) Complete YMI Parent Consent and Survey. Click here to complete consent and survey.

3) Meet your Mentor Match

Mentor matches will attend a Meet and Greet Event at his/her school in August before mentoring begins.  After the mentoring sessions have begun, YMI campus coaches at the program school will arrange and conduct the mentor match introduction.

4)  Weekly One on One Meeting

You will meet with your mentor one on one in your school for 30-60 minutes (depending on the grade level). Meeting days and times will be agreed upon between the mentor and the mentee.

5) YMI Student Ambassador Opportunities

YMI Mentees are considered ambassadors of YMI, and will have opportunities to participate in YMI community events.