The Student Benefits from Mentorship

Students who have been through the YMI mentorship program experience:

  • Increased self-confidence and an improved sense of self-worth
  • A better understanding of accountability and social responsibility
  • Improved communication skills particularly in identifying and dealing with emotions
  • Academic improvement and healthier social interactions with peers

100% of our students say the YMI Mentor helped build their self-esteem and a stronger sense of worth.

The Community Benefits from Mentorship

The Fishers community benefits by:

  • Having engaged, socially responsible individuals that are invested in the future and success of Fishers
  • Reducing the number of high school dropouts and therefore creating less financial strain on the community
  • More adults who know how to engage those younger than themselves in common everyday interaction. This helps younger people feel like they are valued and appreciated as members of the community

Over 25 to 30 years, a dropout student can cost a community as much as $500,000 in public assistance, health care, and incarceration costs. Conversely, a high school diploma can add nearly $500,000 in earning potential during a worker’s career.

The Mentor Benefits from Mentorship

Being a Mentor will:

  • Challenge you and be just as impactful to your growth as that of the Student’s
  • Be rewarded with the knowledge that you directly helped another human being in their life’s journey
  • Gain an appreciation of the reality of what the next generation is faced with and give you the resources to positively guide them in their development