It starts with a student.

This student could be showing signs of emotional or social withdrawal, or simply displaying the desire to want advice from an adult. No matter the reason, all students can benefit from having a mentor in their life. If a student is identified, by either a teacher, parent, or friend, YMI is there to help.

1) A Student is recommended for a Mentorship

  • Recommending a student is typically done from within the school — such as a teacher, counselor or administrator
  • The student then fills out a questionnaire that helps YMI understand their interests and personality to better pair them with a Mentor

2) A Mentor is paired with a Student

  • YMI identifies and pairs a Mentor with a Student using each of their personality questionnaires
  • The school works to schedule time for the Student and Mentor to meet once a week for one hour — this often changes from week-to-week to ensure the student is not missing the same classes

3) Weekly talking points are covered in a conversational format

  • YMI provides weekly outlines for Mentors to use as conversation starters — these are specially created to help frame a healthy and productive conversation
  • The Mentor listens and shares life experiences that help the Student feel heard, validated and comfortable with their thoughts and feelings
  • The Mentor notes any pertinent milestones or perspective shifts that the student experiences during their conversations to celebrate at the next meeting

It ends with a lifetime of benefits.

The benefits of a mentorship last much longer than the typical semester or year of the program. What a student takes away from the experience is an elevated sense of self-worth and an increased ability to communicate and process their thoughts and feelings.

It’s a simple concept, we think.

Mentoring has been a common practice for hundreds of years and yet for some reason, our culture has either forgotten or de-prioritized the impact it can have. YMI still sees value in mentoring because the statistics prove it has positive impact.