“YMI On The Roof” is an event where our staff will get on the roof of local Fishers businesses and stay for 3 days (July 17-19) until we raise enough money to serve 100 more students this school year. Our goal through this event is to raise money and find 100 new qualified mentors to serve in the 2017/2018 school year.

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Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness is inviting you to join our cause as he is one of YMI’s biggest supporters.  Mental Health is one of Mayor Fadness’ key initiatives.  Fishers has had over 55 suicides in the last 5 years (each year, 11 to 14 people in the city of nearly 88,000, take their own lives). Contrast that with the statistics for homicides; in two decades, the city has seen three. YMI is playing a key role in Mayor Fadness’ plan to help HSE students deal with sadness, depression and hopelessness.  As a result, we are embarking on a creative event called, “YMI On The Roof” to recruit more mentors and raise more money for YMI.

A YMI staff member will stay on the roof all day and night encouraging their friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc., via email, text, social media, to join the YMI mentoring team by pushing out mentoring facts, sharing stories from the field, creating awareness of the need, etc.  I believe that many media entities will cover this event putting Fishers on the cutting edge of school based mentoring to help their students.

Our goal is to build awareness of YMI, raise money to continue mentoring, make people aware of the need inside of our schools, create a creative campaign that gets people off the sidelines and into the schools.