The Steps to Becoming a Mentor:

1) Attend an Informational Meeting

One of the first steps we encourage you to do is to attend an Informational Meeting. These meetings cover the majority of questions you might have and also allows for discussion around other concerns you may have.

2) Fill out Application

The Mentor Application is an extensive form that helps us understand your life experiences, perspectives, personality, and schedule. We take all of this information to help connect you with a student that has similar circumstances and could benefit from your mentoring. This application takes about 40 minutes to fill out, so please be sure that your schedule allows for this.

3) Agree To and Pass a Background Check

Because we are working in the schools and with underage individuals, a background check is required before becoming a mentor. We like to do these early in the process since it is a basic requirement that if not passed, would halt the process entirely.

Please do not be offended by this, it is for the safety of the students, peace of mind for parents, and legal protection for YMI and the schools.

4) Complete Mentor Training

YMI has a training period for mentors where we walk through the key aspects of the program, what is expected of you and what to anticipate during the mentorship experience. YMI training takes place on a Saturday from 8am to 12noon. Each mentor is shown that by sharing their life, they can change a life.

Mentors learn how to use the Developmental Assets as a guide to share life experiences to model and teach the valuable assets young people need. Story prompts based on 28 of the Developmental Assets are provided to YMI mentors each week of their mentoring relationship.

We also provide training resources that will help your communication and provide a foundation for a healthy and productive dialogue with the student.

5) Have a One-on-One Meeting with a YMI Coordinator

After you attend an Informational Meeting, we like to meet with you in person and begin building a relationship – because our program is all about relationships. Therefore, it is important for us to stay connected with you as a mentor and provide you with support and training throughout the entire process.

6) Define Guidelines, Schedule and Responsibilities

After your training is complete, we pair you with a student and define the guidelines for the mentorship. YMI will coordinate with you to schedule meeting times and places with the student and outline the responsibilities and goals for each of those interactions.