Who we are looking for

We are looking for caring adults in the Fishers community to commit to a school year and  spend one hour out of their week to mentor a student while they are in school. One hour of your time each week will make a difference in the life of a student.

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If you can commit to one hour a week and possess the five characteristics of a mentor, we would ask you to consider becoming a mentor. A student in your community needs a caring adult like you.

Characteristics of a Mentor

1. AVAILABLE – Not just in time but in presence.
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2. LISTENS – Young people need to know what they say is valuable.
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3. TEACHABLE – We have something to learn about life, whether we are 25 or 85.
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4. OPTIMISTIC – Looking beyond the Present and seeing the worth in others.
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5. OPEN-MINDED - Does not judge. Accept people as they are.
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The Power of Presence Watch the video

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